Alex Wilcox & Anetha - It's Okay To Cry Ep

Mama Told Ya

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February 7, 2022
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It’s been four successful collaborative releases and Mama told ya has grown up so much since this last couple of years. Faithful to its praise of collaboration, this fifth release will be no exception: Anetha invited the prodigious Alex Wilcox in a 4-tracks emotional roller coaster adventure entitled « It’s okay to cry ». Because yeah, newsflash : it really is. Best piece of advice from Mama, you should now let it go, open the floodgates, release the pressure. Let yourself be carried through BPMs, Glitched-Ghetto-Techno, satured yet textured, that our powerful duo concocted. It is time to catharsis! The artwork has been commissioned to the extraordinary Risa from Olga Goose Candle. It was an evidence to bring to the table her vintage kooky wax characters whose ultimate poetic fate is to melt. Into tears. Photographer Anaïs Lallite and designers Diplomatie Studio took care of the design, mastering was entrusted to Sixbitdeep, as usual. Embark for a jazzy-cowboy-bepopesque-techno ballad in Funky Blender (A1). At first, you’ll feel the sharp blades twirling by your ear: Alex Wilcox chops up what’s left of our sorrow then smooths it up with some soul in it through that « groovgeous » bass saxophone. Featuring Latrice Pink, Alex Wilcox shows some damn good maestria in glitched and vocal effects with RESPOND! (A2). The urge to let it go is relentless. So irrepressible that you let the boisterous uptempo drumming race sweeps you in direction of that point of no return where you’ll have nothing else to do but finally release. And here we are, Paris, Texas (B1), where two universes collide. Both Anetha and Alex Wilcox discharge their heart into two beautiful tunnels of grief intertwining into one bomb aquatic transe track. The drop you’ve been waiting for is here and it’s okay to cry, honey. Alex Wilcox upbeats one last time our journey in a spooky, spine-chilling electronic course in BOO. (B2).