AnD - Beast Mode w/ Gabber Eleganza Remix

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Andrew Bowen & Dimitri Poumplidis, better known to the public as AnD, had accompanied REPITCH Recordings through its early stages of existence. Their two previous offerings for the Berlin-based label came respectively in 2012 and 2014, acting as cornerstones for Repitch, marking crucial points in the evolution and definition of its sound. It is only now, after a 6-year absence from the RR catalog, that the duo makes its return with ‘Beast Mode’, a five-tracker that shows no sign of giving way to softer or less energetic sounds. These are bangers: nothing more and nothing less than rave-ready, hard-thumping, bass-blasting club stompers. Ever championing of the hardest side of techno, AnD have prepared a pack of non-compromising menaces to quiet, capable of making the floor quake by means of pure, unadulterated four-to-the-floor thickness and synthetic stabbing power. This kind of attitude led them to form many kinships with similarly minded DJs and producers, the latest of which is hardcore maestro Alberto Guerrini AKA Gabber Eleganza, who turned ‘Emergency Procedures’ into an even harder affair, driving the mix into the red and turning the beat into a freakishly crippled juggernaut.