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The return of the EXTERESTRIAL TIME TRAVELERS Aux88, has returned with an all new double LP, Counterparts. Unforgettable bass lines and vocals that make everyone run to the dance floor and ascend to the DJ booth for confirmation of, “who is this?” Side A - starts with the track “INTEL.” The string work and Kraftwerkian tone is evident with this gem. Aux88 takes it even further with a message to the electro haters, “You Don’t Want None of This!”

Side B - “Moon Walker” simply put...that Bass! As only Aux88 and a few others can do it ... Detroit styled Parliament Funkadelic funky. Side C - gives homage to the Detroit jitters with the track “Pothole Paradise.” It’s fast funky and not for messing around. As Mike Banks said in the Aux88 documentary interview, “when DJ’s drop Aux88 shit, it’s time to dance and shake that ass!” Pothole Paradise is exactly that type of track....Detroit Proud.