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Raw Basics

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The debut release on Raw Basics is a split single from Basic Rhythm and Parris that reworks tracks from Basic Rhythms first LP, Raw Trax. The A side is a VIP version of the closing track from Raw Trax, which you may have heard on dubplate in Basic Rhythm sets from the last few years. Stripping away all the drums Basic Rhythm reduces the track to a hypnotic synth line, coupled with a smattering of hi hats and the classic Rainy Davis vocal sample, before unleashing the Reese like synth line, pounding kick drums and full vocal hook. Parris comes with a total flip of Feel Me for the B side. Starting with a slow steady 4/4 kick drum and droning horns, before dropping in a gargantuan sub bass, Parris builds and reduces over and over again, bringing percussion in and out. A sparse sprinkling of vocals and effects throughout the track, and the most minimal of melody lines, keep the track rolling with a clean and spacious, sophisticated air that only Parris can bring to the table.