Cucina Povera & Haron - Plafond 6


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Plafond enters its second decade with Cucina Povera and Haron fusing the folkloric and futurist. Maria Rossi and Haron Aumaj (real names) honour musical cinematism on 'Riffittelya', which slowly unfolds during a twenty-two minute trail of exploration, angst and redemption. Meddling voices pinch through an aural mist, Kubrickesque strings impend and cathedral organs relevate. Most striking is the compatibility of Rossi's tangibility and Aumaj's computerisation, seamlessly forming a renewed dynamic, as granular as it is loose in texture. During this unique first collaboration it can be quickly forgotten both artists have highly distinctive styles. We are reminded of these singularities on the other half of the record, featuring two solo works, both rich yet contrasting in their colour and emotion.