Dawl - Break It Down

Dawl - Break It Down

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The next chapter for Haŵs actualises itself in the form of Dawl’s ‘Break It Down’ EP, a warehouse-ready, bouncy and charismatic record channelling insatiable vigour from beginning to end.

‘Break It Down’ on the A-side is a relentless jackhammer of a track, pumped full of rich breaks and clipped acid lines. ‘Subject 91’ flattens the gas pedal even further, with a gated, spectral synth levitating hazily above the militant drums that heave the whole track forward.

On the B-side, the brawny ‘Proton’ returns to the acidic burn of the opening track, except this one is occupied by chirping synths and oscillations of noise that seem to rise and fall with a trippy authority. Finally, high-flyer and man of the moment Kosh employs his natural gift of the gab on the closing remix of ‘Break It Down’ with a raucous rhythm and a regurgitated bassline that never dwindles on its own gusto.

Despite the substantial weight and pugnacity of this 4-tracker, the staple Haŵs euphoria twinkles through. There’s no shortage in complex drum sequencing, breaks samples and all the other frills, yet the final output is compact and neat. As Haŵs increases its vision more extensively to dance music from across the board, it seems that the best things might at times come as contradictions, and this record’s tone certainly fits the bill.