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Holding Hands

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For the third Holding Hands release they have decided to up the pressure even more with two ridiculous dance floor slammers. Aunt Wendy’s Wedding In Wales is the sort of track that sends dance floors completely nuts. Breakbeat grooves and behemoth bass lines rock any sound system you choose to let it loose on. The tune is inspired by the sounds of Oblong and Plank records but don’t worry, it’s not just a throwback record. As usual Holding Hands has an eye on the best of the past whilst staring straight into the future. I C Jangles is a collaboration between Desert Sound Colony and Baby Rollen (one half of Voyeur) The only word you can really use to describe this tune is ‘stinker!!!’ Somewhere between 2step, grime and house is where it sits, and it could fit into any set of those genres without a doubt. It was written on one of the hottest days of the summer and for that reason the background is littered with the refreshing sounds of the drinks being poured in the studio. Essential play for when you need a little hydration. Both tracks are produced and sculpted for the club. They want big sound systems and dark rooms.