Earthlink - Spectral EP

Eternal Schvitz

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Techno Trance
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Nathan Micay is elated to present the third reissue on Eternal Schvitz: Earthlink - Spectral EP. Originally released on cult Australian label Thunk Recordings in 1996, Spectral was a milestone release for the Sydney scene, garnering international acclaim among tastemakers of the time such as John Digweed. The EP was written by label cofounders Brett Mitchell (of Boxcar) and noted international DJ Phil Smart. It remains electrifying today. Four tracks of genre-hopping hybrids, sonic gymnastics and stupidly fed back guitars. Lovingly remastered and restored on vinyl. As always, Schvitz gives back. To fight the evil no-ID-DJ forces currently at work, every Eternal Schvitz release will be providing 60% of the cut to the artists and ensuring their credits are front and centre. The remaining 40% of profits will go to aequa, a Berlin-based collective with a focus on empowerment of women, trans and non- binary folks through gatherings for interpersonal exchange. Schvitz is Love. Schvitz is Communal.