Flaty - RAILZ


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August 16, 2021
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Following the recent collaborative SERWED II and Square Fauna albums on West Mineral Ltd. and Firecracker Recordings respectively, Flaty is back on his own ANWO RECORDS with an album titled RAILZ. A year in the making, it's a product of solitary contemplative pursuit, an exploration of a metaspace where the varied worlds inherent to Flaty's artistic sensibility coexist, blend and collide true to the original kinship between electro and hip-hop. The altered footwork and fine-grained dubstep sonic structures, the freeform soundscapes and refracted beats, the consistently heavy bass and eventful razor-sharp high frequencies of the album are all bred, built, mixed and mastered single-handedly by Flaty who has also designed all the artwork and packaging. In comparison with the artist's previous productions, the tone is colder, the approach more detached, while the substance is no less personal and the experience neither less diverse nor less intense. The artistic, cultural and technological styles and eras of the last half-century fuse and productively dissolve in the utopian interferences of the LP. Expect RAILZ to be presented as the soundtrack to a forthcoming series of ANWO STUDIO collaborative audiovisual live performances.