King Champion Sounds - Between Two Worlds

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King Champion Sounds release their double album "Between Two Worlds" with the same insatiable appetite to experience the endless possibilities that are open to making music as they had with their previous four albums. Music as an open conversation. An opportunity to exchange ideas. To listen to each other. To be open-minded. To push boundaries and explore new worlds. Whereas elements of krautrock, electronica, free jazz and dub have always been part of the KCS armoury, they have never stuck to a formula in the music making process. The core members (Ajay, Oli, Jos, Mees, Chris, Holly and Elsa) have kept themselves busy with many other projects and have brought their different experiences into this rich new album. The open conversations extended to other artistes from around the world. Gerry Love (formerly of Teenage Fanclub) added beautiful vocals and instrumentation to "I'm In Between Two Worlds"...a song that expresses the transition that the world has been making in the last year of uncertainty...but with hope at the end of it all. Mia Doi Todd brought her incredible folk voice to "Easby Abbey Remembered"...a song filled with poignancy, as golden memories are retrieved and cherished. Sally Timms (The Mekons) adds her oh so warm and instantly recognisable voice to "Thou Hurricane"...a Popol Vuh inspired vision of dying civilisations and what happens when you cut down the last tree! Helping Sally on vocals on this track are Jon Langford (The Mekons) and Janet Beveridge Bean (Eleventh Dream Day). And Marieke McKenna brings the words from her diary, recalling a surreal escape to a millionaires yacht and the stark contrast it provided to the"real" world outside...a beautifully penned and delivered work from this Glasgow poet. 13 tracks. A double album. An incredible musical journey.