Marcel De Sie - Uma EP

Rababoo Records

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May 27, 2021
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New Swiss label Rababoo is proud to present his first release: Marcel de Sie! Oscillating between melodic industrial and shaky psychedelic music, Mr. de Sie overcomes his first 3 tracks with a static approach of electronic low drifts – in that sense, we decided to call it a soundtrack “to schuss'', in dedication to all our skiing friends from here and there. The First 2 tracks, “Filter Seq'' and “Mezzo FM'' pitch the tone of the EP and are built as explorations of dance floor narratives, with the purpose to generate a wave state of mind through a real sound experience. While the first track is a relentless technoïd filter-driven smasher which immediately bleeps your mind and floods it with sound, the second track unleashes a cascade of sounds that bring any lost hiker and drive him into a shamanic waltz in the mountain. The Title track “Poetic Frame” is a direct response to these soundscapes, where howling disturbing synths are at times chimera that fractures the pattern and calls you back into reality. For his 1st release, Marcel de Sie is joined by Greek producer Anatolian Weapons (Dark Entries) and Belgian’s Victor de Roo (Stroom) for the remixes. Each one delivers a proper interpretation of the 3rd track of the EP « Poetic Frame ». While Anatolian Weapons explore a tribal trance sonic journey that can drive a dervish dancer crazy, De Roo makes use of his distinguishable style and creates the most abstracted version of this track. Not scared to apply kind of a trap snare ratcheting, he brings us to a space urban take. Put your seatbelt on, seasons are not existing for long anymore.