Metal Preyers - Teeth Agency

Nyege Nyege Tapes

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As Metal Preyers, London’s Jesse Hackett and Chicago-based Mariano Chavez distill a sozzled, bleary impression of their time spent with Lord Tusk and a crack squad of Ugandan musicians in Kampala, 2019 for the indomitable Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Documenting the result of six weeks of making music, art and videos, and Waragi Gin-fuelled rides into Kampala’s nightlife, ‘Metal Preyers’ takes form as an industrial/ambient film soundtrack for Chavez and Hackett’s visual art produced under the Teeth Agency moniker. Joined by a full battery of traditional percussion and strings, plus the canny use of whistling and Lord Tusk’s rude sound system sensibilities, the Afro-Anglo-Americano ensemble serve a triple AAA-rated trip that lures listeners into their intoxicated/intoxicating state of mind and effectively connotes the experience of a jag deep into the belly of Uganda’s thrilling, sprawling capital city at a crossroads of East and Central Africa.

DJs will find ways of working this material into sets, although the album is really best swallowed in one for an intense, soundtrack-like experience that recalls the drunken rowdiness of films like ‘Wake In Fright’ or a febrile Safdie brothers flick set in Uganda, and speaks directly to the thrill of Kampala’s atmosphere at night.