Nahash - Flowers of the Revolution


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Nahash lands on Shanghai’s SVBKVLT label with his debut album, a frenetic re-mapping of dembow and junglist blueprints made in the image of the label’s wild and thrilling programme, featuring a collaboration with Osheyack plus remixes from Elvin Brandhi, Gabber Modus Operandi and DJ Plead. Following a crazy run of releases from 33EMYBW, Gooooose, Slikback & Hyph11E, GMO and others, ‘Flowers of the Revolution’ almost feels like an updated mission statement from the label; a wild and futuristic tangle of opposites inspired by the legacy of U.S. interference in South American politics, deploying a rhythmic energy that feels angry and vital. It’s an Amen-heavy landscape disrupted by a world of incongruous sounds like some colossal babushka doll revealing layer after layer of angular and liquid rhythmic structures, from the symphonic strings and clipped gun reloads on opener ‘The Horns’ to the adrenalised dembow mutation “A Secret Christian Influence” and the more brooding sci-fi swagger on ‘Pluie Éternelle’.