Nemo Vachez, Two Phase U ‎ - La Banda Love EP


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Recent times see French artist Nemo come in to his own, and here is no exception. Kicking off proceedings with ‘Autopillot’, seducing you with spaced out rhythms, and a bouncing organ complimenting the low end. ‘Love From Jupiter’ does not wait to deliver mysterious tones, and stirring drums, being lead to the unknown before the acid lift off. Two Phase U keep the momentum going after his release on Andrew James Gustav’s, Marginal Returns earlier this year. Electro freaking in ’Time is Like Sand Through Your Fingers’, progressing naturally setting an atmospheric mood on any dance floor with its broken sound. Chunky driven slabs take the lead in ‘Yolocreo’, warping you one last time in to the OPIA whirlwind.