Noiro - Shahrzad EP

Deep in Dis intl.

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February 12, 2021
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Creativity has no borders and our artist have no boundaries, no genres attached just freedom. Deep in Dis intl. proudly presents "SHAHRZAD" (DIDWAX001) by Parisian dj/producer Noiro. We are extremely gassed to showcase Noiro's eclectic and unique approach to club music with this 5 trax EP. We start the journey with the highly experimental 'Kata Pulse', an intergalactic and powerful trip-hop influenced tune with a strong vocal game. A2. 'Rude' follows the cosmic vibe perfectly with a bit more aggressive breakbeat but keeping a warm feeling at the same time. Where the b-boys at?? To wrap up the A-side, 'Aube Session' brings those mysterious and high cloud walker feelings. The dance floor is starting to get warm... crashy bells, dj scratches and twisted synth/bass lines turns on the auto pilot for what's to come flipping the record to the other side where Noiro depicts the rest of the story. B1. '1F' is a club banger, structured around frenzy and hypnotic synths, solid drum patterns and an unflagging muffled bassline. Closing the EP B2. 'Show Me' confirms it wasn't just fluke ladies and gentlemen, Noiro's distinctive and unique sound is here. Vinyl only.