Plastic Ivy - The Glass Horizon

Plastic Ivy - The Glass Horizon

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Plastic Ivy is the solo vision of Philadelphia based artist and synthesist Lira Marie Landes, and these newest works have taken shape as The Glass Horizon. Molten synthesizer lines melt the tender hearts of our submissive listener, straddling the dark alleys between modular abyss and pop song craft. Moments of vulnerability, nostalgia, and bliss spliced together on Daphne Oram’s chopping block, made sweet by the echoing whisper of a lonely melodica. This is The Glass Horizon.

Artist notes:
For the recording of The Glass Horizon I primarily used vintage Roland synthesizers, sequencers and processors made during the Golden Age: 1978-1984.

This includes the SH2, RS09, SH101, DR55, CR8000, CSQ600, and TR808 (replica modules). These instruments were processed using many Boss and Roland analog (and early low-bit digital) effects: DM2, BF1, BF2, PH1, CE2, DD3, DS1, RV2, RV3, RX100.

Additionally, I heavily relied on synthesizing in the eurorack format, primarily with the use of Tip Top’s replicas of Roland TR-808 circuits.

My guitar is coupled with a Roland Jazz Chorus JC77.

The melodica on the album is a vintage Hohner Piano 26, made famous by Augustus Pablo.

The mixing for this album was primarily done using Lexicon digital reverb and delay plugins.

The album is inspired by my own search for self knowledge and actualization, which is a voyage without beginning or end. I just happen(ed) to find myself in the midst of gender transition from the beginning of the writing and recording process all the way up to now. With the release of this work I am beginning to feel I am at the end of the physical transition period. This album’s completion marks the end of one era, and the overlap into another.

I found a friendly mission in the work of Marcel Duchamp, primarily The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even.

My next work, well underway at this point, will be a continuation, or an even more thorough fleshing out of the themes born at The Glass Horizon.

I am doing this because I would be lost without the questions asked and confidence given by all those that came before. My intention is to give back for all that I have been given. I want to communicate, converse, question, and learn.