Reptant - Return To Planet X’trapolis

LKR Records

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December 17, 2020
Electro Techno
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X’trapolis is under threat... Word is spreading fast that the powerful an long-feared Agamid lizard known by many as Reptilius has been sighted building a dangerous army on the outskirts of Squamata, exhausting the forests natural resources and leaving previously thriving, culturally significant and beautiful areas decrepit and lifeless in a greedy, capitalistic move to gain control. Completely unaware of this, Reptant returns home to X’trapolis after spending 5 years conducting extensive research on Earth’s unique analogue technology. With his esteemed Lizard Tech Militia stuck back on Earth, Reptant finds himself alone and must seek help from the infamous Gecko Force if he wishes to succeed in protecting his home. The Gecko Force are a lounge of superior prehistoric native Gecko’s rumoured to have been some of the only survivors from the brutal Agamid colonisation of X’trapolis which occurred many generations ago. With their power and extensive knowledge of X’trapolis, the planet and all of its delicate and precious lifeforms just might stand a chance... Return To Planet X’trapolis was written, recorded and mixed by Reppi T. Lizrd Aka Reptant at Squamata Studios, X’trapolis 2019-2020. Mastered by Alden Tyrell. Cut by Marco Pellegrino at Analog Cut. Distributed by One Eye Witness. LKR Records, 2020, Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. “Dedicated to all the Lacertilia in the galaxy, May your forests remain untouched and liberated”