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Basic Moves

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(inhale deeply) We continue to unfold our record label with a release from a mysterious New York City-born artist we have only known for a short time now yet who we admire and whose personality and uncomplicated way of being inspired us and motivated us to dig up his phone number, pluck up all our courage and dial the Berlin area code to ask if he had anything to add to the Basic Moves story. (exhale) As you might have guessed, the answer was positive and slowly, little by little, the elements of Basic Moves 05 began to assemble. A year later, we had found the two horizontal techno tracks we were looking for. After our previous adventures of more ornament-focussed dance music we wanted to send a well-adjusted rhythm into the music stratosphere. Although Forgive and Not Knowing are clearly rooted in US techno and early minimal house, these tracks prove that roots tend to keep growing below the surface and that any new growth is proportionate to its groundwork. Of course, we could try to pin down the effect of these balanced, layered compositions as much as we like with words but actually, their bright secret can only really be felt in sound and movement (loud, dancing). Walrus & Islas, Brussels, 2018