Source Direct - A Different Groove / Andy Odysee Remix

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Odysee Recordings is proud to present the 3rd in the series of digital re-masters and remixes of selected classics from the back catalogue. Originally released in 1995 (ODY03), A Different Groove featured on Source Direct’s second release on the label and sits alongside other early classics such as Fabric Of Space, A Made Up Sound and the slightly later Complexities. From the superbly engineered breakbeats to the expert arrangement and deftly placed samples, this has all the trademarks of early Source Direct and clearly demonstrates why these productions are so highly regarded. The use of space is remarkable (especially for the time) and as such this is something of a precursor to the celebrated Hokusai releases of 1996-97. Built around the same selection of breaks and samples, Andy Odysee’s remix delivers a modern take on the classic Source Direct template. In this 21st century version, the art is very much in the detail. Jimmy McGriff’s ‘Worm’ is rebuilt to pack a harder and quicker punch supported by a cocktail of other breakbeats, classic Hip-House style bass stabs and trademark synth bass curls. Once again Andy demonstrates his ability to balance a respectful senstivity to the vibe and design of the original, whilst simultaneously reworking the various musical elements and adding spice to give them that modern twist.