Special Request & Tim Reaper - Hooversound Presents: Special Request x Tim Reaper

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March 30, 2021
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It’s nearly been a year since Hooversound launched, and over the course of 2020, SHERELLE and NAINA delivered four hard hitting releases spanning across all different types of dance music. From hearing Hyroglifics and Sinistarr’s BS6 getting wheeled in the rave at the end of 2019, we knew the label had been sitting on a collection of gems from the UK and beyond. Fast forward nearly 12 months, the label have proved they’re a force to be reckoned with. Having worked with the likes of Mani Festo, Deft and Om Unit, they also shined a well deserved spotlight on emerging names like HØST and Private Caller. As we step into 2021, the Hoover duo are determined to keep the excitement up by kicking off the year with one of their favourite, most influential producers. The first release of the year combines an iconic name in dance music, a man who needs no introduction; Paul Woolford, aka Special Request with a producer who has been turning heads within the modern jungle scene…Tim Reaper. Back in 2019, Special Request dropped his fourth and final album of the year, ‘Zero Fucks’. 10 original tracks bursting with energy, made especially for the dance. The body of work concentrates “purely on the heavyweight original hardcore ethos of taking whatever you want from anywhere”. In true Special Request style, it followed the release of three previous albums in the same year; ‘VORTEX’, ‘Bedroom Tapes’ and ‘Offworld’. HOO05 sees four tracks taken from ‘Zero Fucks’ being remixed into a new body of work, exclusively by Tim Reaper. Reaper has spent the last ten years or so representing the jungle scene with releases on 7th Storey, Parallax Recordings and most recently with Lobster Theremin. He’s also been busy launching his new label ‘Future Retro’, named perfectly given his ability to produce new music that pays homage to its roots without simply re-creating it. That's exactly what is laced throughout ‘Hooversound Presents: Special Request x Tim Reaper’, Tim perfectly executes four remixes which sound nostalgic yet forward thinking- a skill to be very excited about, making him one of the most talked about producers on the scene.