Various Artists - Cosmic Bubbles EP

Space Lab Records

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House Techno
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Space•lab records launches its interstellar mission to bring wigglers and warpers from all corners of the galaxy with a V/A made in Birmingham. Adam Pits kicks things off with Real Taste Of Gravity, a rising, trancey journey with a wonderful proggy bassline and synths-a-twinkling. Desert Sound Colony & Dr. Baird combine for the warpy, acid-flecked bassy roller Space Bass Express before Breaka and Adam Pits join for a classy breaks track with bubbling EFX called The Show Must Go On, named after Nic reversed a van into a parked car after setting up the space•lab party where they all met. Inner Zone (Rupert Worthington, Alex Anderson and label head Nic Baird) round things off with their debut release Niaaru - a sunrise weeper for those who like breakbeats with their coco pops.