Various Artists - Spaghetti Club 001

Spaghetti Club

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House Tech House
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Spaghetti Club launches with four tracks from Pierre Codarin, T. Jacques, Jack Michael, and Phil Evans. Opening up the release, British producer Pierre Codarin’s ‘Millenial’ is a stuttering cut with a bouncy bassline, metallic hats and crystalline synths that continually evolve throughout. Following a recent appearance on Tessellate, T. Jacques is next with ‘Terry’s Jambon’ which drives forward with its mesmerising rhythm built on 909 kicks and intricate percussion as lively 303 squelches join cascading arps. On the flip, Orbital London boss Jack Michael takes things into trippier territories with soaring pads, syncopated drums and otherworldly atmospherics in ‘Zero’. Tying it all together, Pager Records co-owner Phil Evans dons his Electro hat for an ominous and scintillating number entitled ‘Tilted’.