Various Artists - weeds change the colour of water

Various Artists - weeds change the colour of water

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“weeds change the colour of water”…
is a speculative effort, one dreamt to collect ideas, interpretations, and interactions. By listening patiently, we may come to recognise some pattern in the tangle that surrounds and involves us – a spot to sense that, like a weed, we are insecurely tethered amid choppy and changing waters, which now, more than usual, have us flailing and adrift.

Hearing Australian Identity: Sites as Acoustic Spaces, an Audible Polyphony, Ros Bandt; Ephemeral Tears: Interview with Kazumichi Grime and Nick Wilson of Clan Analogue; "underneath a pile of rags": A playlist by friends of related "Australian" artists; that from which can be told is divided into two sections, Wound Without A Tear.

Australian identity is a complex interplay of site, language and technology. Sound installations are powerful tools to access the collective consciousness associated with sites, each one an ever-changing audible polyphony. For each site there are many stories, dissolving around each other, some reflecting, some disappearing, many mutating according to the context, the time of hearing and the manner in which it is told. Sound carries layers of meaning and nonverbal information not possible with text-based accounts. The breath, the timbre, the speed and the intonation of each authentic voice influence the content and meaning of the spoken word. Utterance shapes narration and identity. Different voices when made audible side by side in a slipping mobile confluence, can inform each other in different and changing ways.

76 pp.
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Language: English
Naarm, September 2020
ISBN 978-0-646-82671-4