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Eternal Schvitz

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Nathan Micay introduces a new label into the Schvitz family: Eternal Schvitz, a home for re- issues of those most rare slabs of wax. The inaugural release offers a sampler of coveted tunes from the fabled Baby Blue Records run by Chris Simmonds between1990-1993. Almost impossible to find, these tunes have become a thing of discogs legend, offering up a snapshot into the label's short but memorable run. Lovingly re-stored straight from the DAT tapes of yore. To fight the evil no-ID-DJ forces currently at work, every release will be providing 60% of the cut to the artists and ensuring their credits are front and centre. The remaining 40% of profits will go to aequa, a Berlin-based collective with a focus on empowerment of women, trans and non- binary folks through gatherings for interpersonal exchange. Schvitz is Love. Schvitz is communal.