Vytamin  - Neurotransmission


Vytamin - Neurotransmission

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After a healthy planetary ecosystem is established we turn to the selective development of lifeforms. The two previous phases of remediation have created a planetary weather system that allows for quantities of sunlight to penetrate the atmosphere and stimulate extant rudimentary organisms. Cellular monoamine neurotransmitters within these organisms (such as serotonin and melatonin) react with incoming photons in a variety of ways. Organisms that leverage these reactions to photosynthesize (plants) and bioregulate (animals) will be selected for and survive to pass on their genes. Thus, over generations, organism-neurotransmitter interaction will increase and complexify, resulting in such high-level phenomena as the animal brain and its ability to react to endogenous (and exogenous) alkaloids that provide the chemical basis of consciousness