Walton - Abyss EP

Walton - Abyss EP

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With releases dropping on Illian Tape and Kaizen, Manchester’s Walton is a producer in high demand for his inimitable style the blends grime and pirate radio aesthetics with forward-thinking dance floor sensibilities..

‘Scooped’ opens the EP with mood setting pads and 128bpm drums, in preparation for a gut-wrenching bass line, bringing elements of grime, dubstep and techno altogether.

Following on next is ‘SBWYS’. The title references a vocal sample that decorates the rough 138bpm beats, “Sound boy watch ya space!”. Point made.

‘Smashed Crabs’ takes a 2003-era grime style rhythmic framework and paints over hard bass sonics and laser blips at 134bpm.

Lastly, the title track ‘Abyss’ continues the rave lazer aesthetic and tempo of Smashed Crabs, but sending things more intergalactic in trajectory, wrapping up a great EP in fine style. Definitely a bit of something for most dancefloors, crafted in the way of the Walton.