Xingu Hill - Strange Echoes 95 - 99


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June 28, 2021
Dance Electronic
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  1. Fake Life
  2. Automatic Citizens
  3. The Conquistador Closes His Eyes
  4. Last Rites
  5. Angel Catcher
  6. Ice
  7. Shockwave
  8. Surrender

Strange Echoes 95 - 99 is music that woke up yesterday bearing a message for tomorrow. Excavated from the late-90s and largely rematerialising for the first time on vinyl, the album carries a selection of sonic diamonds by bona fide sound experimenter Xingu Hill (John Sellekaers). The fully remastered tracks pull the curtain back two decades to offer a snapshot of a prolific five-year period in Sellekaers' expansive soundverse, which runs the gamut from brain-bending, emotive ambient outings to driving, acerbic industrial experiments. Timeless music for keeps in the age of disposables; a reference to early rave and trip-hop aesthetics that could just as very well be one music clairvoyant's nostalgia-inspired preview of things to come.