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BLQLYTE is the debut LP by Zeroh on Leaving Records. From its opening whisper of "culture is a baby" followed by a euphoric but frightening blast of sound, BLQLYTE moves with the unpredictable energy of a psychedelic trip, where apocalyptic soundscapes and mutated R&B vault between shamanistic musings on mortality and earthly matters of modern day Los Angeles. The mood is heavy, hanging in the air like rising waters building to a catastrophic flood. Zeroh's ninja like voice seamlessly transforms throughout tracks like a Greek chorus, tackling speeding thoughts and introspections in a stream of consciousness cascade of vocal flows and techniques that are both wordy and soulful. Perhaps classifiable as a rap album, BLQLYTE inhabits its own experimental, deeply personal zone in the orbit of Leaving Records' genre free ethos. The album, created over a period of six years, highlights a story of Zeroh's growth. He says that during this period, "it was like something happened to me and it shook me up, and then it woke me up, and I kind of started to come to." He's aided by FR/BLCK/PR on "Metacine," a hypnagogic tour de force encapsulating BLQLYTE's intricate, anagogic aesthetic. FR/BLCK/PR's Regan Farquhar unleashes a devastating spoken word piece in a trippy, intensely hallucinogenic collaboration that also highlight's Zeroh's unique and exciting voice behind the boards. Zeroh's BLQLYTE plays on the contradictions and duality of life, an examination of the silver linings and beautiful traumas that can alter our understanding and perception of reality.