Tara Clerkin Trio & Able Noise @ 3345 !

Tara Clerkin Trio and Able Noise are longtime favourites, and have been on heavy rotation in the store since day one. We can't think of a better combination to have for our next instore!

Both Tara Clerkin Trio and Able Noise manage to surge the listener in an immersive wall of sound, with 'just' the use of repetition and creativity with instruments.

After the band members Sunny-Joe, Patrick and Clara participated in multiple other bands and projects, ranging from punk to space rock and from electronica to psyche folk, Tara Clerking Trio sprouted from the very active experimental / DIY scene in Bristol (where the band is from).

Although rooted in jazz, the myriad of influences are still unmistakingly there, creating an adventurous mixture while still taking you away with catchy song-writing.

Able Noise has a more intricate approach on making music, steering away from the conventional song structure completely.

This two-person band consisting of Alex (drums) and George (baritone guitar) carefully add bits and pieces using the versatility of their instruments, field recordings, their voices and even the acoustics of the space, creating a constantly evolving intimate world.We literally can't wait for this to take place! Hope to see you all there :)


Date: 4th of December, Sunday

Location: Noordeinde 87G Den Haag


20.00 - 20.30: Doors Open

20.30- 21.15: First Act

21.15 - 21.45: Change Over

21.45 - 22.30 Second Act

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