ALSI - Raw Duties - Part 1


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Thinc is proud to present the first of a two-part release featuring Romanian Duo, ALSI. Drawing from the title ‘Raw Duties’, Alex Florea & Silviu Tănase give us four chronic, cutting-edge tracks. ‘Raw Duties’ speaks for itself as a percussion-heavy groover filled with eerie synth pads, a punching bassline and subtle vocals. ‘Bold’ introduces itself with it’s pungent bassline, keeping this trippy roller on track as psychedelic sounds, effects & vocals immerse this monster. On the B-side, ‘Sit With Me’ stands strong in this EP with ALSI’s renown syncopated beat and forceful bassline offering the perfect hypnotic groove. Last but definitely not least, we have ‘The Light’, a weird yet seductive track, comprising of bright keys, and soaring synths that crescendo throughout.