Culture Decay - Micro-Colony

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From a fortuitous meeting of like-minds during a tour of Detroit in 2016, Xander Hing ( Möthersky ) and Stuart Argabright ( Ike Yard, Dominatrix, Black Rain ) spawned a serendipitous collaboration on their return to New York City. During winter days of 2018-2019, Xander and Stuart germinated ideas of sonics and words that captured a mood of the times as a soundtrack to a twenty-first century society; these slowly unfurled to reveal a body of work aptly dubbed, Culture decay. The album title, "micro colony," seizes on the idea of mobilization from afar; as we are quarantined, isolated, a community, in its separate parts, are still as strong as the whole. A time capsule of signals sent and received, visions of a pandemic, new growth from a Culture decay.