Eversines - Gaze EP

Kalahari Oyster Cult

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November 17, 2024
House Techno
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Almost exactly a year since fellow De Lichting co-founder RDS made his Kalahari debut, Eversines returns to the label in a big way. But this is the Dutchman like you’ve never heard him before; tough and direct, coming through with a mean streak of sci-fi propulsion that leaves the sanguine reflections of releases past in its wake. We’re flexing attitude from the off. Almost reminiscent of something I-F might have cooked up back in the day, ‘Gaze’ might reference Detroit, but there’s also something decidedly Dutch about it. There is, however, no mistaking the Motor City influences on ‘Fast Fall’. Jacking, Detroit-inspired gear, it most closely resembles the introspection of previous Eversines releases. On the flip, where ‘Affection Towards The Urban Environment’ lights up neural pathways with some seriously spannered, acid-fuelled electro-techno, ‘Wavedash’ rounds things off with another nod to the American Midwest. Tensile-strength, hi-tek machine funk that’s retro-tinted without ever resorting to pastiche.