galen tipton - goddexx


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May 9, 2022
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i am the world crusher vulnerable wound licker hellscape nightmare drinker poison sucker ichor bleeder anguish i get tingles when i hear you crack your knuckles dry skin pussing ugly tears hold you tight to my stiff tendons visible bones and fat sharing space in this meat stuff reality cherishing split lips and nose blood bleeding gums blemished skin ache scars and chipped teeth ungraceful brain creases thoughts twisted guts and pink pulsing flesh clumsy ungraceful amazing fall into the lap of heaven worth in every moment not defining worth it won't even clean up the blood it needs to die ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ goddexx is the battle music to crush oppressors and dance on their graves tender sounds to spill blood to and celebrate liberation with your fairy kin a genderless gruesome mess powerful wicked and soft the sounds of coming into your own power the sounds of play & magic in the darkest moments goddexx is a boxcutter plunged deep into unknowns heart spitting in the face of callousness ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ galen tipton is a producer from columbus ohio who has been active since 2015, releasing all types of experimental, pop, hardcore & club music under her given name and "recovery girl"