Guido Belcanto - Op Zoek Naar Romantiek


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March 10, 2023
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Guido Belcanto was once an anonymous street singer. He wrote songs on the assembly line and spent years singing them in the pubs throughout Flanders. He was animated by the holy fire, the Holy Spirit was with him and led him irresistibly to the path of fame and fame. And then there was the legendary debut album “Op Search To Romance” that was released in 1989 and grew into an outright classic with songs such as “Roma Bij Nacht”, “Op het Zeildoek van de Bostauto's” and “You mean nothing if no one cares about you. gives” that are still in his live repertoire. Since then, there are a total of 15 studio albums to his credit, a catalog of about 300 songs and he is one of the figureheads of Flemish song. For many years, “In Search of Romance” was untraceable for many fans and is now being released in a mastered edition on CD, red and black vinyl. Also his 4 other albums originally released on EMI will be re-released by Starman Records. This fall, “Plastic Roses Don't Wilt” (1990) will follow in 2024, followed by “Plaisir D'Amour” (1992), “Pisser Without a Boat (1993) and “La Comédie Humaine” (1996).