Hdv - A Sinner In The City


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"Good news have became the rarest thing. Not much to cheer on or be happy about when you wander around the Internet these days, right ? Well, now is the time to enjoy the news again. Say hello to our new baby boy : a 6-trackers sexy coming directly from the sharp hands of our mad scientist in chief, mister Hdv It synthesizes everything he has been doing so well in the past few years : complex and well-thought structures, great mastery of its gear and most of all, a very unique approach of the groooove. All across the EP there are many surprises, tweaks and turnarounds – but just as in any good book, it will all makes sense in the end. A-Side is sure fire for the future dancefloors to come while B-Side takes thing in a more poetic approach, forming an EP which honestly feels like an album, consistent and with a true sense of narrative."