Housey Doings - Brothers

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Rewind to 1994, something brand new is stirring in the studio of the Housey Doingz crew, a fresh stripped down, swinging sort of funk emanating from the monitors. This would be their very first record as a unit and they definitely didn't know what sort of impact it would have in the coming decades. A record like this would certainly have sounded alien back then, but boy you can guarantee it caught people's ears! Kicking off with that infamous vocal sample 'Brothers' is a bonafide roller of the highest order, punctuated by dubbed out pianos too - devastating! 'Brothers Bump' is almost the 2nd part of the first cut, while they share some of the characteristics, it's it's own little world of acidic funk, try it - you might like it... 'Poet' welcomes us to the B-side, those cymbals just pull you in, almost jazz style, this one's a breaky minimal peaking number, killer. 'Magical' is the EP closer, and it's another total trippy weapon akin to the output of Holy Ghost Inc and similar outfits with it's building wall of acid and clipped vox. The whole record is so varied and brilliant it had noted journalist, producer and DJ Dave Mothersole proclaim "the first tech house record is arguably this". A truly rare record that every home should have, now on the streets again. Wicked.