Human Space Machine - Searching EP

De Lichting

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February 23, 2024
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Human Space Machine makes another visit to earth with “Searching”: a fresh four tracker consisting of effective yet deeply heady pieces of club music. Following his well received EP “Cycle”, HSM explores a darker vibe, one that has become signature to his more recent works. Human Space Machine’s music never floats too far from dance floor focus, but once again tirelessly sparks interest to the ear with complex rhythms and tribal percussion. ‘Searching’ makes a big entrance, an unpretending piece of serious acidness, not ever letting the listener leave the groove, yet carrying a glimpse of hope throughout. After comes ‘SP4C3’, pulling into deeper territory, with minimalistic techno-ey drums and a dash of psy-influences for those really late or early moments. Flipping over, the B-side punches out an ominous and broken cut ‘Ritm’ that crosses over many genres but is ultimately a signature HSM track, one for the subs. Rounding off, Human Space Machine’s ’SH3’ showcases his passion for faster pasted grooves and mind-tripping synths combined in a rhythmical journey.