Innuendo - Kreaturen der Nacht

LíO Press

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May 17, 2024
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"Kreaturen der Nacht" is a story about what we all could become when bitten by the music bug. The debut EP from Innuendo on LíO Press is just a small glimpse into his musical world. Innuendo roots his inspiration from the past while keeping his sight on the present. His signature sound is a seamless blend of old-school charm and aesthetics, characterized by genuine melodies and infectious basslines that bridge the gap between home listening and dancefloor moments. Comprising four tracks, each one showcases a diverse range of influences, "Kreaturen der Nacht" is a musical journey through the archives of time while maintaining his own personal approach. Each track meets the aesthetics of the new wave to the spirit of late 80s club culture, making Innuendo's EP a love letter to a bygone era, reimagined for the present day. When the summer night arrives, lost in contemplation, gazing up at the sky full of stars, it's a moment of reflection or a fleeting pause in the chaos of everyday life. In that moment, there are wonders about the mysterious creatures of the night — are they relics of the past or an augury of the future? Nobody can answer. But why not embrace the sense of wonder, rather than dwell on it? Feel allowed to be swept away by imagination in the so-called 'Nightclub of the Mind,' where the music never stops and the possibilities are endless.