Izmo - Where Is Eddie? EP

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Deep House House
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Going back to 2007 with MC045, to the man like Brawther's very first record! That's right - 'Izmo' aka Brawther dropped the now classic 'Where Is Eddie?' EP on French label 9Ts, showcasing his deft ability to channel the best and deepest parts of house that we all love into something exciting and fresh. Definitely a signifier of what was to come, this 3 tracker became somewhat infamous, highly collectible and sought after by house diggers around the world. Brawther wasn't afraid to show his influences and his inspirations with the lead cut 'Where Is Eddie?', an open verbal letter if you will, to NJ producer Eddie Perez of Smack productions and too-many-to-name underground house classics asking him to bring back the realness! A monstrously heavy swinging piece of late night house action right here. 'Blue Light' is more of the same, filtered, skipping drums and uplifting chords build into a jamming synth flute garage jammer that wouldn't be out of place on a vintage Nu-Groove / Burrell 12". 'What's Izmo' rounds out the EP, this one's got some ridiculous funked out bassline and spoken words that intertwine with some glacial vibes and synths, driving us into the night sky while reminding us what this house music stuff is really all about. A truly essential record this, and this repress has been a long time coming!