J.P. Energy - Strano E.P.

Sound Migration

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April 8, 2024
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Although one could imagine that by 1993 any Italo Disco nuances would have been vanquished from sophisticated Italian production setups of the time, it is hard to ignore its presence in this particular work of Italian DJ and producer Gianpiero Pacetti. Much more so than in the work of his contemporaries at the time who would have shifted into full on early progressive trance in pursuit of novelty. Resulting in a refreshingly playful exploration of melodic themes, an aesthetic only to be heard again more than 10 years later with Dutch works like Alden Tyrell. With exception of Alvorada which distinguished itself as completely detached from any of the previously mentioned influences, diving deep into percussive samba elements adjoined by alluring arpeggios and other subtle melodic ornaments characteristic of early progressive trancey movements of the time. Includes new remix of “Alvorada” by Berlin's E-Talking. Remastered with new artwork.