Luca Piermattei - Memories Of A Wonderful City

Half Baked

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HB 019


Release Date
December 31, 2021
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Since launching a few years back, Half Baked Records has consistently served up high quality fare from a mixture of underground heroes and rising stars. We'd put Luca Piermattei in the latter category, even though he's been releasing music for a few years and recently featured on Rawax. Memories of a Wonderful City is genuinely excellent, with the Italian doing a good job in combining vintage synth and drum machine sounds in a fresh and ear-pleasing way. Choose between the pleasingly bouncy, sci-fi-fired deep house dreaminess of 'Galaxy', the sleazy late-night brilliance of 'Vintage Style' (which incidentally features a frankly filthy acid bassline), the bustling sweatiness of extra-percussive opener 'Busy Life' and the undulating, analogue-heavy jazz-funk-goes-house hustle of '80's Sound'.