NEURO STATE - I Remember Gino / Pleasures In Africa

Sound Metaphors Records

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May 17, 2024
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Another well kept secret from the Italian cult electronic music imprint - Interactive Test. A 4 track EP with a wide range of flavours in "house" music, very much dependent on the different samples employed. A side starts off with a deep house track echoing similar atmospheric qualities as to some of the dancefloor oriented productions making their way into US underground scene around that time, specifically Chicago and Detroit. The Percapella Mix makes the dedication to the Canadian Disco legend Gino Soccio very clear with a lengthy sample of "There's a Woman", a track which uses early electronics in a pioneering way, with what could possibly be one of the first examples of an Acid Bass line. On the B-side, things slow down a a notch with more clear cut explorations in Acid house featuring layers of synths and percussive samples and occasional placement of vocal samples from countries far away from Italy, all made possible thanks to the new exciting technologies that had recently been made available to producers at the time. Remastered by Man Made Mastering in Berlin and re-released with new full cover artwork.