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Conceptual beat-maker Nick Klein returns with 'The Lonesome Dealer' 12” for Alter. Four disparate, industrial-tinged tracks that demonstrate a rough-hewn synthesis of noise and techno, 'The Lonesome Dealer' is born from a geographically transient point in Klein's life spent between Miami and NYC. Despite this, Klein has turned personal disruption around to make his most focussed statement yet as an artist. From the hypnotic "Caberet Voltaire gone Reggaeton" patter of ‘Chats With Lucy’ - with its bruised drum machine rhythms and a jabbering refrain that embodies the track’s title - to the crawling computer acid of ‘Christian Rock Concert’, Klein teases out melodies from beneath layers of muddied beats on a record that is as pacifying as it is jarring. Dark and wavy club music for the heads, if you like. ‘Do You Want To Crash’ is perhaps the clearest realisation of this idea; its crescendoing din of noise giving way to a laser-cut synth line that shimmers like a diamond in dry ice, while ’Pain Management Resource’ is built around a clatter of hi-hats and wobbly polyrhythm that bounces along with a kind of ominous glee. Having studied sculpture and performance in Miami, Nick Klein has largely dealt in sound-based art since moving to New York, but with focus on the potential of a democratic dialogue platform through electronic music, scale in volume, and the active role of touring performer. Along with Miguel Enrique Alvariño, he co-runs Brooklyn’s Primitive Languages label which started from a shipping container in Bushwick’s “Punk Alley”. The pair have so far released sessions from the likes of Profligate, Balloon Movement, Pure Matrix, and Hubble. ‘The Lonesome Dealer follows 'Failed Devotee', Klein's previous 12" for Germany's Unknown Precept label.