OMNI A.M. - Kastmaster

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Originally released in 2001, Omni AM's highly sought after 'Kastmaster' EP reappears for the first time with all the tracks in their OG context. This EP perfectly encapsulates the US duo's vision to challenge the conventions and boundaries of what defined house music throughout the late 90's. First up, 'Tubes for Allah', is characterised by heavy driving bass and sub-aquatic sonics. Punchy kicks drums drive the track forward, whilst swinging snares create a skeletal jack that underlies the track's eerie synths and haunting vocals. Berlin favourite 'Chill New Body' is up next. Out of print for over 20 years this track is slightly more restrained, the dub bass-line interplays with a hypnotising and unforgettable organ riff, until deftly programmed chords send the track off on a remarkable late night mission, with no less energy and atmosphere than its predecessor. On the flip, 'Beat Dis', is one of Adam & Marky's most highly revered and well-known productions in all it's full glory. Opening with a wailing guitar, this broken, breakbeat Tech-House masterclass, builds with an incessant acidic bass, there's additional percussive effects and a repetitive vocal to keep the track moving but it's those sparse beats and bottom end that are the hook, a perfect example of how 'less is more' can be so effective. This track became such a firm favourite with Craig Richards & Lee Burridge that they included it on the 2nd instalment of their Tyrant compilations. This is another essential release from the Omni AM and Euphoria catalogue, lovingly remastered from the original sources by Lawrie at Curve Pusher for the new generation's hearts, minds and dancefloors.