Paradise 3001 - Low Sun Archives

Banoffee Pies Records

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Banoffee Pies Records begin their newest venture with a nod to the past. Introducing the latest Re-issue series focusing on old and lost gems. All five tracks originally produced in 1991-1994. Paradise 3001 aka Dr Nunu kicks things off with "Low Sun Archives". A deep dive into a small section of his outstanding back catalog which flaunts many layers of adventurous and floor ready music across Trance, Techno, Ambient, Dub and DownTempo. The release starts with "Several Huge Yellow Snaplike Somethings" - A forgotten beach trance titan with instant teleportation to another time, neatly followed by the mesmerising sunset plod of "Low Sun In Dub" riding slow at 94 bpm. Keeping steady, the B side opens with the heavy drums and spaced pads of "Inner Rhythm (Bio Sensitive Mix)". The second injection of speed comes from the tribal percussion and heavy swirling sounds of "Beautification Bang Bang Bang (Daktari Mix)". The release then falls to a calming close with "Gates Of Eden". Waving you off the shore into the night. For all the moods. Love BPR x