PT Musik - Não Sou Perfeito


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November 19, 2021
Dance Electronic
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Puckered kizomba zingers from PT Musik - the grown-up alias of Puto Tito - marking a supremely classy progression from his 2019 debut double album with a sparkling trio of romantic pearls for Princípe Marking the vital Lisbon label’s 10th anniversary year, ’Não Sou Perfeito’ is one of the sweetest treats in its decade long (and ongoing) reign, exemplifying the rich soul at the heart of its sound. The artist’s name change signifies a clear advance in his already emotive style of composition, as showcased in his teenaged productions on the ‘Carregando A Vida Atrás Das Costas’ set. The style of spare, grimy, chamber-like melodies in his formative early work is now found embellished with warmer pads and more nuanced rhythmic inflections to express a heightened grasp of slow jam romance that blends his native Atlantic coast breeze with a decidedly Californian G-funk lean to gorgeous effect. It’s a west coast thing, baby. ‘Apalusos’ is the outstanding A-side, drizzling syrupy G-funk-alike soul leads on a lilting kizomba rhythm and deliciously woozy chords bound to soundtrack embraced bodies and loved-up eyes scanning the dance. ‘Its Mine’ follows to dial up the forlorn ‘80s FM synth soul with an instrumental flair worthy of a Sade vocal (perhaps that’s her not replying to the ansafone motifs?), and ’Tudo Acabou’ bring this brief daydream of an EP to its closing strokes with a come-to-bed sashay of dry iced synth haze and slow-motion hip work.