Rosati - Automatic Response EP

Global Pulse

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May 24, 2024
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Rosati launches his new imprint, Global Pulse. The label embraces a futuristic development of Techno, exploring unknown sonic territories while always staying true to its original essence. The inaugural release, 'Automatic Response EP', features five original tracks that are pulsating with powerful dynamics and detailed textures. In the first track, A1 'Automatic Response', the vibe is established by a steady bass line and hypnotic bleep sequences that are ensuring high pressure energy. Continuing with A2 'Way Out', where a wide landscape is created through the use of well crafted sound design elements, juxtaposed to a minimalistic 909 groove. With B1 'Ufo Memory', Rosati is diving into alien realms, blending atmospheric UFO textures with heavily saturated drum patterns, creating a dark, pumping, and futuristic mood. In B2 'Feeling', the focus shifts to the late 90s era, where a story of freedom is told through the appearance of percussive loops, funky bass lines and pad melodies. Inside the record there is also a digital bonus 'Time Tunnel': a melodic electro journey that transports the listener into a robo-dystopic, yet hopeful, future. With this first release, Global Pulse lays the ground for a promising series that will push the envelopes of Techno, promising a platform focused on sustainability and authenticity of Electronic Music.