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SONS OF TRADERS (TANS and Mike Tansella Jr.) are a Berlin based italian industrial duo with releases on several imprints (Vastechoses, Rengaine, Gravitational Waves, Acero). Here they present their first self-release "DEEP IN THE FLOWERS". A1 "DEEP IN THE FLOWERS (Original Berlin mix)" is a massive acidic industrial techno groove machine track. A pulsating bassline over distorted drums that features a palette of modular sounds and percussion. B1 "DEEP IN THE FLOWERS (Jasen Loveland first future acid version) incorporates a panning synth over a stomping kick drum and gives a more melodic feel to the track. B2 "DEEP IN THE FLOWERS (Chris Mitchell descendant mix) is a jackin mpc groove with an additional sample and modulated synth added. 200 copies on vinyl fo the Lovers Manufactured by PRESS YOUR BEAT and Tracks mastered by Ruben Montesco all Graphics provided by Vikas Malhotra (The Black Lodge) Logo on B side already deigned by JEREMIAS ___BLANK__(Aperitif De la Mort) credits released March 16, 2020