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November 17, 2023
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At last, we get doused from the source; four priors of reissued gems and newer beauts now land us at the quintus maximus: the inaugural Spray on Spray. It’s large and in charge, as we pull back the velvety curtain to reaffirm the exquisite curator is just-as-exquisite a melody maker. OT Rails adjusts the prog antenna to broadcast 3 anthems from the great big dance satellite in the sky, including a collaboration with French cuties Baraka. You’ve had your trad, now dance! The title track struts along its psychedelic catwalk with a sexy house swagger, unlocking a wobbly stack of pineal-tickling melodies en route. The angels soon sing in positiva harmony, before the piano-lude calls for a tight embrace with those closest to you on the dancefloor. Raise those hands aloft, you know what’s coming; that hard house’d snare roll soon erupts and, before you know it, you’re soaring like the white dove you are. Why does it feel so good? Spray then switches channel to Ceathair, coaxing the prog spirit from the motherland as the psilocybinised breaks wisp through the undergrowth. The vibe is bouncy, as the diva croons and bassline sings, before the vista opens and the sprayed piper summons you home. Open that third eye, súil eile. Our swan song is reserved for Baraka and Spray, conjoining their tech trance powers on Think Of Me. The trio up the pace for the grand finale, rolling the tight groove from the off while igniting its hybridised trance rump with hypnotic fervour. The friendly mantra floats heavenly above throughout, absorbing you in a semi-lucid ecstatic state. It’s a whirlwind of dancefloor energy from beginning to end, and Spray wouldn’t have it any other way.