Tot Onyx - T​.​O​.​1

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March 22, 2024
Dance Electronic
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Black Cassette Tape, laser printed J-card, transparent plastic case, DL code. Tot Onyx is a solo project of Tommi Tokyo, who loves to work with sound and body. As the founder of the experimental live act group A, Tommi has explored her ideas of breaking the preconceptions of live performance by incorporating use of the body, live-painting, noise and poetry. Adept at bending expectations, the band’s formative early work echoes the experiential vocabulary in which Tommi continues to develop today. A practice in the rejection of tradition and cliché, which in Greil Marcus's words, "Share the principles of negation, rebellion, destruction and détournement”. Her rst self-released EP T.O.1 is a collection of fragments of Onyx's live performances from recent years, recorded in her studio as part of her creative process during the preparations. While her albums (1st album Senno I released in 2022 on iDEAL Recordings, and the forthcoming album in 2024, info tba) are highly conceptual and revolve around specic subjects, this EP serves more as her diary, in which she aims to share with the public how her thoughts are shaped by time through the practice of performing live.